Will is a professional self-taught musician raised in Texas and Arizona. He has lived in Minnesota for the past 23 years. Will got his start in music about 15 years ago when he set out to fulfill a life long dream of learning how to play guitar. He purchased 3 guitar lessons but never made it past "how to tune a guitar". Back in those days the guitar was just a hobby and Will never really accomplished much. A couple of years later he was at a local pub with several of his friends, a karaoke show was going on in the background and Will decided that he would give it a try. When he announced to his friends that he was going to sing, they started laughing out loud, but when he belted out the first note of the song, his friends and the whole bar turned around in shock. That night would change his life! Two weeks later he was the lead singer in his first band. He has enjoyed being a part of a couple more bands since then. Today, Will is truly living his dream as a musician/producer. Will creates all of his music, he writes lyrics, plays the instruments and records and mixes the tracks. With the overwhelming support and encouragement of his family and friends , Will has decided to invest in his music and take it to a higher level. Stay tuned, the fun is just getting started!